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General Nutrition

While I tend to specialize in mental health and perinatal nutrition, I’m happy to work with you if you want general nutrition support as well. Schedule an appointment or contact me for more information.

What's Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is comparable to seeing a registered dietitian, but holistic (taking quality into account). It does not involve meal planning per se, but it’s more about incorporating diet and lifestyle changes for better overall health. Unlike wellness coaching, this is a very thorough, clinical approach to using nutrient-dense, whole-food nutrition for supporting overall health.

It involves a nutritional assessment (a formalized method for determining what needs the most attention), food and lifestyle recommendations, supplements (if needed), and ongoing follow-up sessions to ensure that you are on a path to optimal health. 

I don’t push one specific type of diet for everyone. Instead, nutritional therapy is about making small adjustments toward nutrient-dense, properly prepared whole foods with what you are already eating. Swapping simple ingredients for better quality can go a long way! 

If you really want to follow a particular non-commercialized diet (paleo, keto, vegetarianism, etc.), I can tailor my recommendations to support that. However, we all have bioindividual needs and I may recommend a specific type of diet for you based on your personal health goals. I don't recommend any commercial diets because they have a financial interest and bias.

Regardless of your main health goals, the cool thing is that when you are working to improve your nutrition, other aspects of your health will naturally improve, too!

Schedule a free consultation or send an email if you have any lingering questions!