Perinatal Nutrition

The more I learn about nutrition and epigenetics, the more I realize that improving perinatal nutrition is one of the most important things we can do to improve the world. 

While postpartum depression and anxiety are real, it goes much deeper than that. The nutrition the mother is getting, or not getting, can have a real impact on her and her baby's health. To take it even further, the nutrition the father is getting prior to conception is also an important factor that's often overlooked!

There is so much growth and development happening in the womb. Babies need optimal nutrition to support proper development. Inadequate nutrition can easily lead to complications and life-long consequences.

If you are a new, or soon-to-be parent, or maybe you've already had one or two children and are going to have another, you might be wondering what's best. How can you make this next one a better pregnancy? How can you support proper growth for your precious child? Should you use formula? Should you take prenatal vitamins? There are so many questions you could have, and so much information online that can be confusing.

I'm here to help you figure that out. The truth is that your bioindividuality makes you need different things from the next person. There is no one-size-fits-all approach (with the exception of whole foods).

I will work with you at any stage of the perinatal process, from preconception to postpartum.

Book a consultation for nutritional therapy to discuss what I can do to help you through this incredible process.