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Nutritional Assessment

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the supplements out there and want some simple direction on where to start without actually engaging in nutritional therapy sessions? Try the nutritional assessment!

This questionnaire is over 300 questions and varies depending on your sex. While I know that’s daunting, it gives me valuable information to recommend the best possible supplements that could give you an extra boost as you work on improving your whole food diet and supporting health.

Once your questionnaire is submitted, it’ll take me a few days to go over it. Then, I’ll email you your recommendations for supplements, food, and lifestyle changes!

To be clear, you can’t out-supplement a poor diet, so be aware that you should still be making an effort to eat clean foods and living in a healthy manner. Also, just doing this nutritional assessment is not the same as getting nutritional therapy. It is not nearly as bioindividual. Therefore, the recommendations will be pretty general and may not directly address your health goals. Nevertheless, it’s still valuable data! I hope you love it.

Use the button below to get started. I‘ll have to send you the assessment manually, so be patient and I’ll get it to you as quickly as possible. Because I am not technically your clinician in this process, please consult your physician if you are concerned about any contraindications with medications you might be taking or health problems you may have.